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  • Team Success

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    Team Success

    Team Success is a mental health prevention and early intervention (PEI) program based on the Project SUCCESS™model.  Team Success incorporates short term mental health counseling services with the PEI model, to help students who could not access mental health support otherwise.   

    Team Success counselors offer a range of mental health and substance abuse services from outreach and education, to early intervention. Counselors work with the whole school community to support Sonoma County school students in their ability to live healthy, productive lives.  

    These services are available only to students, parents and staff in each of our school communities.

    Team Success Lead Counselors

    • Cloverdale High School – Melissa Martini, Associate MFT & PCC
    • Rancho Cotate High School – Flash Welch, Substance Abuse Specialist

    Roseland School District Lead Counselor

    • Roseland Elementary School – Stephanie Lopez, Associate MFT & PCC

    *All Therapists are Supervised by one of our five Clinical Supervisors: Mikaela Zechlin, MA, LMFT Lic. 91176

    Friday Night Live

    Check out what our youth are creating to help spread the word about substance use and mental health issues! This month, teens from the Rohnert Park Cotati Unified School District are creating media posts to share with their peers the effects of vaping, mental health symptoms, and other topics to raise awareness during “May is Mental Health Month”.