We do not currently have any openings for paid positions at SOS.  Trainees looking to gain hours are welcome to apply as we often have space in our school based clinics for volunteer positions.   We do always welcome inquiries from interested Interns and Trainees for future openings, including our MST team, which is designed to have regular openings.  Please read below: 

Mobile Support Team- Post Graduate Intern Position

Established in 2010, The Mobile Support Team (MST) is a program developed by Sonoma County to address the growing need for mobile crisis intervention within our community. Since it’s inception, MST has expanded to cover a large portion of Sonoma County to bring services to many people in need. Part of this expansion is joining with Support Our Students (SOS) to create an intern program where SOS interns join MST.  SOS is currently seeking out interested candidates who would like to work for SOS as an MST intern member and be a part of this exciting program.  The current hours available are 22-30 per week with regular overtime included.

The goals of the Mobile Support Team are:

  • Promote the safety and emotional stability of community members experiencing behavioral health crisis;
  • Minimize further deterioration of community members experiencing behavioral health crisis;
  • Help community members experiencing crisis to obtain ongoing care and treatment;
  • Prevent placement in settings that are more intensive, costly, or restrictive than necessary and appropriate.
  • Participate and collaborate with law enforcement during regularly scheduled briefings.

SOS is looking for other types of support.  We need the following skills:

  • IT support
  • Gardening/handy work
  • Volunteer Clinical Supervisors who wish to sponsor 1-2 Interns, by providing time limited (1-2 semesters) of individual supervision.


Please contact if you are interested!


All inquires should be sent to along with your resume and letter of interest.