Windsor Youth & Family Services

Windsor Youth & Family Services is juvenile diversion program that works in partnership with the Windsor Police Department. The program seeks to address juvenile law enforcement issues with a pro-active non-traditional, community based approach.

Windsor Youth & Family Services provides counseling intervention to youth and families who are either entering the Juvenile Justice System or “at-risk” for entering the Juvenile Justice System.

For more information, please contact Xochi Lubin-Amaya at (707) 837-7767 ext. 2114

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Xochi Lubin-Amaya, MA, Associate MFT

Jamie Rae Burnside, MA Candidate, MFT Trainee

Healdsburg Youth & Family Services

In August 2017 SOS partnered with the Healdsburg Police Department to open a second Juvenile Diversion Program.  We are starting our second year providing diversion services to first time, non-violent youth offenders in the City of Healdsburg, and have expanded to provide diversion students to at-risk youth on the Healdsburg High School campus as well.

Xochi Lubin-Amaya, MA, Associate MFT

For more information, please contact Program Coordinator, Luigi Valencia, at for more information.

Associate and Trainee staff at both programs as supervised by Tatra de la Rosa, MA, MFT Lic. 83945






NEW!  Parent Project Classes Offered!

Two SOS Staff, Jennifer Berghof and Kat Loztino, are both trained in the Parent Project model and are now offering classes in Windsor and soon in Healdsburg.  This 10 week class is taught by a team approach with the therapists alongside two police officers from the Town Of Windsor Police Department.  The classes, Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior, is a 10 week program designed for parents raising difficult or out-of-control adolescent children, ages 10 and up and provides loving and concrete, no-nonsense solutions to even the most destructive of adolescent behaviors.

Next Class scheduled for January of 2019!!

Feedback from Parent participants:

“This material and group has changed my life. I am much more confident with my teen parenting skills and my teens have already benefited. I can’t thank you enough.  I hope this class takes off to help Windsor and Sonoma County (and beyond!) parents for years to come.  Our community as a whole will benefit.”

“I’m so very grateful for this experience and opportunity.”

To sign up contact Jennifer Berghof at at (707) 837-7767 ext. 2114

To learn more see this Parent Project website or watch this VIDEO.