Project SUCCESS+

Project SUCCESS+ is an evidenced based mental health and substance abuse prevention, education, and early intervention program.  SOS delivers these servicesto the Windsor High School, Healdsburg High School, Cloverdale High School, and Rancho-Cotate High School communities, in partnership with Sonoma County Behavioral Health and Sonoma County Office of Education.  At each site, our Therapist Interns, Trainees, and Counselors provide mental health and substance abuse education to the school wide community, as well as targeted outreach efforts in classrooms and after school classes and event, with the goal to reduce stigma and increase access to support services.  Staff also meet with students to screen for mental health and other social-emotional needs, providing referrals to and assistance with overcoming barriers students and their families may face in accessing those resources.

These services are available only to students, parents and staff in each of our school communities.

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Project SUCCESS Program Managers- 

Rancho-Cotati High School– Flash Welch, MA- Program Manager at RCHS & Schools Program Manager

Windsor High SchoolMatt Jezierski, MA, Associate MFT- Program Manager

Healdsburg High Schoolerica C. Formway, MA, Associate MFT – Program Manager

Cloverdale High School- Amanda Ball, MA, Associate MFT- Program Manager


*Supervised by Tom Newell, MA, MFT Lic.  24309 and Tatra de la Rosa, MA, MFT Lic. 83945

Prevention Education Series

Students participating in behavioral health classroom presentations